Although I was always keen on earning an international degree from a reputable university in the UK, I was unable to meet the financial requirements. I learnt about Nubi educational counselling from a relative who is a reputable client. From my first interaction with the team to date, I have found them to be very pleasant, knowledgeable and providing good tutelage and guidance.

I was informed about scholarship opportunities in my area of interest from prestigious universities in the UK. The support I received during the admission process to the visa application was enormous. I have been able to realise my dreams by being awarded a full scholarship at the University of Exeter. The relationship has been sustained even after commencement of studies and I can feel the genuine interest in my career as I forge ahead.
— Zainab Aliyu (Lovering Award Holder, University of Exeter)

From the moment I finished secondary school, Nubi Agency became a word synonymous with progress in my household. It is because of this group of dedicated and caring people that I was able to figure out that A-levels was the next step in the right direction upon graduation from my alma matter. Not only did they encourage me to take A-levels, they also found me a prestigious school which pleased my parents and I alike.

As my student visa was processed with the utmost scrutiny, the staff would work extra hours just to make sure everything was in place. I was always treated like family during my sessions at Nubi and all my questions were answered with respect.

After my A-levels, I went to Nubi once again to help with my student visa for university due to their vast experience in the business. I was not disappointed as I am now an Electrical Engineering undergraduate in University College London. I strongly recommend Nubi Agency for any aspiring students, as you will never get disappointed and always get what you deserve.
— Tobe Ofili

Presently, I am undergoing an LLM course in Maritime Law in the University of Southampton, after being called to the Nigerian Bar as a Barrister of the Supreme Court of Nigeria in November 2011. The experience and the fact that I have developed my personal way of studying and taking in as much of the University experience, both educationally and socially, I would say, can be attributed to the fact that I had a good foundation due to where I did my undergraduate studies in LLB Law: University of Essex.

Nubi Education helped me a great deal. At first, most schools were reluctant to accept me because I was too young for a Foundation course in Law, which is required as an alternative to an A-Levels degree for a pre-degree University course. Not only was I accepted and made comfortable and elected as a Student Representative for the International year students, but a guardian was also appointed for me to monitor my progress and make sure I was settling in right, until I turned 18. The University also had a good curriculum for Law, specializing in all of the needed subjects that made it quite easy for me not to have any issues when I attended the Nigerian Law School.

At first instinct, I had originally wanted to apply to stay in an en suite accommodation, which would have entitled me to have my own bathroom, but also kept me away from making friends fast. Nubi Education advised me to apply for an accommodation with more people, where the bathroom and kitchen was shared for my Foundation year, in order to make friends and establish myself first, after which I could change if I wanted to. I am glad to say that I definitely made more friends, not only with Nigerian citizens but with people from other countries.

All in all, I can definitely say that Nubi Education played vital roles in my admissions to University of Essex and University of Southampton for my undergraduate and post graduate degree education. I am grateful and I thank God for their help.
— Winifred Igbokwe – (University of Southampton)


My first degree was at Babcock University. I am presently studying an Msc. in International Business and Entrepreneurship. On my first day, the reception by the Student Union was delightful, I was immediately given my room and all the best support I needed. I am impressed with the University of Essex, the teaching methodology and value of team work is exceptionally challenging, the motivation i get from the environment that is bursting with intellectuals is also intriguing.

I also love my course, i usually tell my friends that “this is the best course i have ever chosen”. my tutor has helped me to build up myself academically, and the clubs and support groups help to put to practice all that I have learnt. Nubi Educational did not only focus on my Visa Application (which most agencies do), they most importantly helped me to find the best possible module to fit my goals in life, they are highly professional and are confident in their abilities (which is of a very high reputation), I will most definitely recommend them to any student seeking for a bright future study abroad.
— Sarah Cincin Yacim (University of Essex)

I have been a client of this organisation for a year and half. In this time, I have found them to be professional, courteous and proficient. I cannot praise this agency enough for the help they rendered in helping me secure a place in Glasgow Caledonian University for my Masters programme. I would highly recommend their service if you are looking to secure a place to study abroad. Many thanks to Nubi Education for it was a pleasure.
— OLUMIDE WALE (Glasgow Caledonian University)

On behalf of myself and the entire Royal families of the Jumbos’ and Salawus’, I am very elated to write you for being in partnership with Oswestry school which my Son Azeez was admitted to and has already started his studies.

My appreciation goes to your esteemed organization for your assistance and encouragement towards the educational pursuits of our son ( AYINDE AZEEZ SALAWU ) and generally towards the developmental goal of every member of our families.

We thank you specially for the success of the visa obtained and we look forward to a future of warm and cooperative relationship. Accept the assurances of our highest esteem.

Thanks for everything, God bless you all.
— Dr. Jumbo A. Harmony – (Oswestry school)